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Modus Systems • Redefining Modular™ • Gyms & Classrooms

Innovation Leader in Prefabricated Gymnasiums & Classrooms

Modus Systems, Inc., the leader in prefabricated / prefab modular gymnasium construction for K-12 school districts and Charter Schools in California now brings you innovative and affordable new school classrooms. In place of conventional walls and ceilings, construction elements are exposed throughout to openly engage students’ innate curiosity and creative problem solving abilities making them the ideal model for science and technology classrooms in today’s Design Based Learning environment. LED lighting uses up to 75% less energy. A Low Displacement Air System improves air quality and according to independent studies, improves health, performance and attendance.

Modular Expandability®

This trademarked building strategy, unique to Modus, enables us to configure our pre-fabricated gymnasium designs in almost limitless ways giving our modular gymnasiums a remarkable degree of flexibility and expandability. As a result, Modular Expandability® makes it possible for us to build custom designed gyms at less than custom designed prices.

DSA Pre-Approved

With pre-approval in place, Modus builds while others wait. Schools we design and build gyms for are no longer forced to endure interminable delays in construction as their plans sit in bins waiting for DSA approval. Our prefab and modular gymnasiums are in use with a streamlined timeline thanks to DSA pre-approval.

Redefining Modular™

With over 30 years design construction experience and a reputation for quality innovation, Modus has zero tolerance for construction problems and costly delays in the construction of pre-fabricated modular gymnasiums for K-12 school districts and charter schools. Always on time and on budget, we adhere to strict timelines and exacting quality standards and provide schools with customizable floor plans similar to stick-built, but at much lower prices.

Modular Classrooms

With construction elements exposed throughout and loft architecture giving the feeling of being outdoors, these new “open” classrooms, being built exclusively by Modus, engage students’ innate curiosity. Consistent with today’s Design Based Learning, with its emphasis on science and technology, these innovative new classrooms are further enhanced by LED lighting and Low Displacement Air Systems, saving energy and reducing utility costs.